Tess (killzone_blonde) wrote,

8th Gun / Audio; Open Commentlog

[Tess is on Deck 20. She's found something and from the looks of it, it's nothing like the zoomers or cruisers from Haven. She has no idea what it is, so she's poking it and prodding it with curiosity.

If it explodes or even gives the impression it's going to, she'll hit the deck. Literally.

Did anyone else see this? It's definitely mechanical, but even after giving it a real good lookover, I don't know how it was assembled or what it's even good for. Keira, have you been working on something finally? Or did... someone else make this?

[She pushes it gently with a foot.]

...On second thought, it doesn't look anything like Haven's technology. Someone's got skills, though.
Tags: putting the best foot forward, working tess is working
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