Tess (killzone_blonde) wrote,

1st Gun / Audio :: Common

[Click. Click. Click. Pop. Snap. Crackle. Click.]

There we go! Got it!

[Tess is somewhere between default Tess and a bit of a confused one.]

I know it doesn't seem like I pay attention sometimes, but I really know that this isn't the same place as home and I know definitely that last night, I was sleeping in Haven. So what's going on here?

[She tries to sound annoyed.]

It's not very cool to do this. You see, I was totally working on this gun. It was going to just blow those Metal Heads to smithereens! Can I at least have my equipment back to work on it, if you're not going to send me home?

Really, though. It'd be pretty awesome to go back home. They need me.
Tags: !ashelin, !daxter, !jak, !phoenix, !torn, bang bang baby, go freedom league go!, metal heads are going down, optimistic tess is optimistic, tess: best mommie ever!, the comm devices are cool, wanna work on guns
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