Tess (killzone_blonde) wrote,

3rd Gun / Audio :: Common

Hey. Hey, hey! This deck is great!

[Tess has found Deck 20, and boy, is she happy.]

Precursors, this is the coolest thing I've seen since I've been aboard! I get how everything works too. I totally think I have an idea on how to solve all of our problems for us! Well, maybe not all, but a lot of them. If it turns out I'm right, then oh man, things are gonna' get really nuts around here!

[Gush, gush, gush.]

This is so cool, this is so cool, this is so cool!

[Yeah... Tess is going to be here for a while, so stop on by if you're feeling playful.]
Tags: bang bang baby, eco eco eco get!, girl's an eco rainbow, go freedom league go!, metal heads are going down, omg zoomers are so awesome, optimistic tess is optimistic, the comm devices are cool, wanna work on guns
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